Wearing PPE Kit for the First Time | Fun Talk with Afrah!!!! - Irfan's View

We received a safeguard kit from Velguard, and I tried their mask, Ppe kit, and cap. They are manufacturing their products using high quality stuffs and it no harm on our skin. And it also gives more protection from corona they say. Later had a fun talk with Afrah.

Website: velguard.in
Email: customercare@velguard.in /
Contact: +919943340971/+919843141971

Surgical Face Mask
o Velguard Surgical mask is a three pleated rectangular mask equipped with a concealed and adjustable nose wire and earl-loops on each of its end to secure the mask in position.
o Adjustable PE coated zinc nose wire to hold the mask in position and ensuring the best possible snug fit.
o Latex free super soft skin compatible ear-loop for pain free longer duration usage.
o Flammability meets Class I Rating

o Filtering Half Mask Respirator is equipped with super fine multilayer (5) filtration technology. Consisting of outer protective layers, secondary barrier, primary barrier and a skin cushioning layer for user comfort.
o Flammability meeting Class I Rating
o Adjustable aluminium Nose pin.
o Braided headbands which are staple fixed.
o Headbands are provided with length adjusters for different head profile and ensuring a snug fit.
o Respirator is produced out of latex free material.
o Hydrophilic inner layer for wearer comfort

PPE Coverall
o Velguard protective Cover all suite is designed with dual layer materials that gives benefits of both comfort as well as barrier properties.
o Composite coverall offers protection with comfort
o Designed with ergonomic sizing and fit
o Flammability meeting Class I Rating
o Less noisy and premium look and feel
o Front fastening provision for easy doffing and donning
o Made with micro-porous breathable material which reduces the risk of heat stress

Isolation GOWN
o Velguard protective Isolation Gown is designed with dual layer materials that gives benefits of both comfort as well as barrier properties.
o Used in low risk situations
o Provides a barrier to larger amounts of fluid penetration through splatter and some fluid exposure through soaking
o Comfortable, strong and durable PP+PE bi-laminate material for demanding situations.

Bouffant Cap
Velguard Bouffant Cap is Round Piece of Non-Woven Material Closed with Elastic and manufactured from strong, breathable spun bonded polypropylene fabric, which prevents hair falling inside restricted \u0026 clean environment such as Hospitals, food processing industries, pharmaceuticals, personal care centres.- Single Use and Disposable.
o Velguard Bouffant caps measure 17 inches in sizes.
o Latex free soft elastic head band ensures comfortable longer wear time
o Flammability meeting Class I Rating
o Suitable for both women and men.
o Wearing them will not make you feel uncomfortable.
o suitable for long-time wearing


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